It was my fiancé’s birthday last week, and one of the things I do for him each year is make him whatever birthday cake he would like the most. Up until now the most memorable was the black forest disaster from a few years ago (the cake itself was wonderful, me dropping it upside down on the ground and then being swooped by magpies for it was not). This year he requested a layered mash-up of two of his favourite cakes, Chocolate Stout cake and Red Velvet cake, the common link being that I usually put the same icing on both of them.

The result was a crazy mess of deliciousness!

Note: He was not turning 301 – that’s 30 + 1 because we didn’t have the right candles!

I made both cakes and cut the stout cake into three layers and the red velvet cake into two layers. I made one quantity of cinnamon cream cheese icing, and used it to sandwich the layers together, alternating flavours, and then finish with the rest of the icing on top.

It was not a pretty cake! If I ever do this again I will definitely make more icing to put in between the layers and also to cover the sides. But, despite how it looked, it tasted amazing. Incredibly rich, although the red velvet added some lightness, and huge! Thin slices were more than sufficient to put everyone into a sugar coma.


Chocolate stout cake

Chocolate cake made with stout may sound like a strange combination but this is, hands down, the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten.

I’m seriously considering never using a different chocolate cake recipe ever again. The original recipe is Nigella, and can be found here. I made a few minor changes though:

  • I used double chocolate stout instead of Guinness
  • I added cinnamon to the icing, and didn’t use cream

I baked the cake for the whole hour. Don’t be tempted to try and take the cake out of the tin before it is properly cool though, and don’t think it’s not cooked in the middle (even though it doesn’t look like it is). I’ve found that the best thing is to keep the cake in the tin, refrigerated, until the next day. Ice it, and then if you have time, put it back in the fridge for  bit.

I wanted to take photos of it, but it was demolished so quickly that I didn’t get a chance! Next time…

Make this, I guarantee everyone will be asking for the recipe afterwards.