Easter Chocolate Cupcakes

We had a big Easter celebration on our final day of work before the break – there was an Easter bonnet parade and competition, some lucky door prizes, the Easter Bunny made an appearance, and of course there was a heap of food! I made these chocolate cupcakes, and  they fitted right in with the theme for the day.

I used the same recipe for the cakes as I did for the Chocolate and Rosewater Cupcakes, and I made a very chocolatey buttercream icing (extra cocoa!) to pipe on top. I then decorated them with crushed Cadbury Flake bars, and popped a couple of mini chocolate eggs on top of it all to finish them off!


Hot Cross Buns

So it’s Easter! This means eating lots of chocolate, and my favourite thing – hot cross buns!! Cut in half, grilled, with lots of butter.

Usually I make these with my Mum as our Easter tradition, but she no longer eats wheat, or dairy, or sugar, or basically anything fun at all. Last year we tried to make a no-fun version of these and they were awful. So this year I did them on my own, and they worked out pretty well!

I’m never sure what day of Easter these are supposed to be made, so I do them on the Friday so that they can be enjoyed for the rest of the weekend.

It definitely helps to have a kitchen assistant when making these, to help with the kneading and the cleaning up, and to share the final product with. So this year my lovely boyfriend volunteered  was forced into being my apprentice.

I used an Australian Women’s Weekly recipe as the base (I think I’ve mentioned before that they are pretty much foolproof) and tweaked it a bit – Mum and I always thought they didn’t use enough spices, and boring fruit.

So here’s my version of the recipe: Continue reading