She’s my Cherry Pie!

My fiancé woke up on the weekend with this song in his head…

He’s never eaten it, and I’ve never made it, so I thought I’d give it a go! I found a recipe among my books – of course in a trusty Australian Women’s Weekly – and it didn’t look too complicated. It did ask me to make my own pastry though, something I’ve not done in years and was never very good at, so that had me a bit worried. It’s winter here in Brisbane at the moment so the weather is cool and dry, which I think really worked in my favour – making pastry in high heat and humidity is no fun at all. If it’s hot and/or humid where you are, I’d seriously recommend either turning on the air conditioning, or using frozen pastry sheets to save yourself some angst!

The original recipe also called for frozen cherries, which I haven’t seen at my local supermarket, so I used tinned ones and drained them really well. If you have fresh cherries available (and they aren’t crazy expensive like they are here) then by all means use them instead.

It worked out well, but you’ll see I managed to not follow the recipe steps very accurately… Continue reading