Chocolate Rainbow Cupcakes

It was my manager’s birthday over the weekend, and of course I’d make cupcakes for her any day because she’s pretty awesome really, but for a birthday I had to get baking and make sure she had something pretty and tasty to welcome her to work on a Monday!

She loves anything chocolate, so chocolate cupcakes seemed the obvious choice. I used a ganache on top instead of my usual buttercream, just for a little extra chocolatey decadence. I also wanted to use a recipe that was pretty easy, and that didn’t require me to go shopping for extra ingredients. So I found a regular cake recipe amongst my cookbook stash and went with that. I then made up the ganache; I didn’t have cream so I substituted with butter. This worked pretty well, and because I used dark chocolate the butter didn’t dilute the bittersweet darkness too much.

To make them a bit colourful and fun I used bright coloured paper cases, and sprinkled rainbow chocolate chips on top! Colourful and fun, and a happy start to a Monday!!


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