It all began with the Earl Grey Tea cupcakes. I was given the recipe by a friend – they were amazing, and I was hooked.

Previously I preferred to cook savoury dishes and regular cakes and hadn’t really got into the cupcake craze, but I started making these cupcakes all the time. I initially made them with a simple lemon icing glaze rather than lemon buttercream – I was not yet confident with a buttercream – either way is delicious.

Then I started experimenting with variations on a theme. Vanilla. Chocolate. Chai cupcakes with cinnamon icing. Gin & tonic cupcakes. It’s a great basic recipe that can be varied to suit almost anything, and is almost foolproof. Then I started making cupcakes from regular cake recipes. Some of these experiments worked better than others, but in the end it’s all cake and it tastes good even if it looks a little strange; I was never short of taste test volunteers.

These days I tend towards a batch of cupcakes if I’m making something for friends, family or colleagues – they are perfect for sharing – however I will still go back to a full size cake if it feels right for the occasion.

I learn something new every time I bake, even if it’s a recipe I’ve made many times, and I still look for ways to improve on what I bake and new ways to do things. I’ll be sharing here my successes, my failures, and the things I learn along the way in my cake adventures! I hope you join me and enjoy!

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